Thank you for visiting this webpage.
We have made this page to spread and bundle the information we have about Luke. Here you can find some photos from the last year, and below we can leave a message to him:
in case he reads this site, what would you like to say to him?

My name is Ivar, I am a Dutch friend of Luke. Last time I saw him in Great Yarmouth was in the summer of 2011. We sailed together and had a good time. After that he came to visit his old friend in Holland around new years eve. He stayed in our house for a week. Luke was doing good, was the impression to me and my girlfriend. He told that for the first time in his life he felt at home somewhere, living in Great Yarmouth. I want to thank the people of the community and the church he was going to, for making him feel being a part of.

The time I saw Luke the most was when he was living in Amersfoort. After we met in Vienna in 2006 I invited him and Summer over to come to Holland. There Luke lived for 3 or 4 years. Hapiness in Amersfoort ended when his dog Walter was bitten to death.

I would very much like to invite the people who have seen him in the last 6 months, year/ years to share their impression.
This way I hope we can get a better idea of what has happened. You can share your thoughts on this website, in public, but you can also send the contact form anonymously.

if You know where Luke is, or have seem him or have any information to share:
we would apreciate it if you could please contact us; (can be anonymous) .


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